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Buying Marijuana in Malta

Just like nearly every other country in the world there is a large segment of the population that smokes weed! It is not that hard to find locally . What does this mean to you my fellow pot head ?…

It means primarily that we suggest against bringing any weed or other drugs with you on your flight here because you can find good quality stuff locally with ease and the legal penalty for trying to bring drugs into the country is not a joke.

On the other hand being caught with a few grams on your person here is a much much smaller problem, if it is a problem at all.


How to Buy Marijuana in Malta – Off the Street

Lots of Marijuana99.9% of all maltese under the age of 40 know at least one person who smokes. Make friends with the younger locals and ask them if they know anyone who sells or if they can get some for you.


Most Maltese will gladly put you contact with a friend or a “friend of a friend” who will sort you out.  Most people who hook you up wont expect anything in return – Still a few joints or a 6 pack of beer goes a long way :)


Some others may want to make a cut off you – but usually it is fair and not much!

What to Expect

A gram of weed is usually between 10 to 20 Euro off the street for usually a minimum of 10 grams. You will be able to purchase smaller amounts but the price per gram will go up slightly accordingly.
An 28 gram ounce of grass therefore is usually around 280 Euro . Off the street weed is usually sold in bags of 10 grams or half ounces (14 grams)  or ounces (28 Grams)

An ounce of Hash (28 grams) is usually 120 to 200 Euro off the street. Just like weed the less you buy the more you pay. Hash is usually sold in blocks of 3 grams, 7 grams (A quarter) 14 Grams (A half) or 28 Grams (An Ounce)
Small deals like 20 Euro will usually buy you 2 to 3 grams .

Off the Street Dealers will either deliver or ask you to come pick up your order from their home. If you do go to the dealer’s home – Do not go with a crowd, Do not attract unwanted attention or stay waiting outside the place you are meeting . Also it is usually custom to smoke a friendly spliff with the dealer…

How to Buy Marijuana in Malta – On the Street

YStreet Deal Weedour best bet for buying weed or marijuana off the streets in Malta is usually Paceville (Malta’s main nightclub / Bar and Party area) or Bugibba (Another Party area) . Smokers can also usually find a dealer on some of the more prominant beaches around Sliema, St Julians and Paceville during the Summer months .

Buying off the Street is usually more expensive but getting ripped off by poor quality or Fake stuff is relatively quite rare . Again, it will be easier to score during summer and on weekends during Winter.

The best way to score is to go around the places mentioned about. Keep an eye out for like minded young people, observe them and ask them…

What to Expect

It is difficult to buy large amounts off the street.

A gram of weed is usually between 20 to 30 Euro per gram on the street

3 Grams of Hashish is usually 25 to 30 Euro on the street.

Pro Tips

Keep an eye out for Cops – It isnt unprecidented that undercover Police posing as party goers also attend parties

Buy in small amounts first – Less of a loss if you get a bum deal

Ask the friendly young locals for information


21 thoughts on “Buying Marijuana in Malta

  1. Kristian says:

    Anybody to tell me where to buy some good weed san gwann please …

    • Atlantiss says:

      This guy is a scam and does western union pre pay nonsense after pretending he is In Malta

      Scam scammer scamming rip off warning!!!


  2. Thunder says:

    So we are a group of student from Denmark comming to Sliema for 5 days, and i would like to try some good stuff from Malta, anyone i can contact?

  3. Ste600r says:

    Hi, anyone around Mellieha this week? Looking to meet up.

  4. momo73 says:

    hey guys,

    is there someone around bugibba can hook me up TODAY?


    (a pothead from the north)

  5. dirtyhana says:


    Me, my girlfriend and a few mates have come to Malta for NYE. I have heard some brilliant recommendations regarding the weed in Malta!

    Despite this I’ve  had  no luck so far. Can anyone help?

    This country is lovely and I am having a great time but I had no idea it could be this hard to get a smoke any where in the world!

    If anyone could lend a hand that would be outstanding.

    Hope to hear back soon.



  6. dirtyhana says:

    Can anyone help me in the Sliema area?

    I heard such good things, I am really disappointed.

  7. davey.o29 says:

    Hi I’m over from next Monday to Friday wondering if you’d be able to sort anything out?

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