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How to Roll the Perfect Joint!

You will need

  • All the rolling stuffMarijuana / Hashish (Up to a gram)
  • A Lighter or Matches
  • Rolling Papers (Long ones are preferable)
  • Roachable Material (Cardboard or other similarly suitable Material)
  • Tobacco
  • Optional:
  • Rolling Stand
  • Weed Grinder
  • Hashish Grater


Set it up!

Roll your roach up to the desired width.


Roach ProfileThe Roach









Place your rolling paper with the glue part facing up and opposing you. Use a rolling stand to keep it propped up and to make your life that much easier.

Place your roach on the paper to hold it down. Place it on the left side or the right. It makes no real difference really. So what ever feels more comfortable for you. Personally I couldn’t roll with the roach on the left side to save my life.

Like This!

Paper on stand with roach

Prep it!

With Weed

If you’re using weed then crumble the desired amount onto your rolling paper. Use a grinder if you have one.  It will do a much better job at cutting your weed into small bits. Alternatively a small pair of scissors makes this much easier if you have no grinder.

Pro Tip: You can always use your fingers to cut it up however try avoid this as all the good THC crystals will stick to your fingers  if you handle the weed.


With Hashish

Gently heat up your piece of Hash using a lighter or matches or another heat source. Do not overheat it. If the hash turns black or catches fire then you are overheating your smoke and losing your THC. Break off a crumb size piece of heated hash in between your index and thumb. Gently crumble it into the tiniest pieces possible. Place the desired amount of Hash onto your rolling paper.

Heating the HashCrumbling more hash









ProTip: Crumble your hash into pieces that are as small as possible. Large pieces of lit hash landing on you, your furniture and clothes burns and is not fun.

Crumbled Hash ready for tobacco


Adding the Tobacco

Crumble the required amount of tobacco onto your paper. The correct amount varies depending on how you like your spliff. Do not overfill your spliff with tobacco as if it is over packed you will not be able to take a good draw from it. Best practice is to break up and split your tobacco before placing it on your rolling paper, so that it isn’t over packed.

ready to rollAdding the tobacco








Roll it!

Using your thumbs and index fingers hold the roach end. This is where it gets tough, take a look at our video if you still have issues

Hold the roach and rollKeep rolling the joint mix away from the roach









Keep your other hand’s fingers next to the roach too.  Keeping the tobacco / weed mix under your fingers and both the back and front ends of the rolling paper between your fingers make a gently rolling motion,

Roll the joint into a circular shape

Do not move your roach fingers off the roach, instead just gently roll and move your other fingers to the end of the joint. Once your spliff mix is rolled into a circular shape within your rolling paper its time to close the deal. This is the “tricky” part.

1.Roll the front paper down to the level of the weed / tobacco mix

roll the front paper down to the end

2.Tuck the front paper under the back paper and roll half a turn.

Tuck the front paper under the back one

3.Smoothen and Straighten it out

Ready to lick and seal

4.Lick the sticky part and seal it against the paper


5.Pack it lightly from the non roach end

Pack the spliff


Pro Tips!

Burn any “extra” paper coming off the roach off otherwise it will get full of tar and taste like shit.

Burn the Roach

If the tobacco towards the roach isnt well packed your spliff may collapse, try pushing the roach in a bit to pack the tobacco from the roach end.

Alternatively you can hold the spliff vertically in your hand and tap the roach on a solid object to pack it.

Don’t over pack as your spliff will become unsmokable.

Smoke it!

Take a moment to get comfortable. Pour yourself your favorite drink, Admire your handiwork. Brag about your spliff success with your fellow smoker friends .

Sit back and light that baby up!  Enjoy!

Oh and don’t forget to post your best spliffs in our forum!


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