Amnesia Zkittlez Auto

Amnesia Zkittlez Auto

by Fastbuds

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From the breeder:

Old-school and modern Cali genetics at their best. With up to 24% THC, this outstanding variety offers an almost psychedelic effect that comes hand-in-hand with an overall sweet and sour fruit cocktail taste that coats your whole mouth and leaves you soaring through the clouds all day long. Taking around 70 days from seed to harvest, it’s an excellent strain for those who appreciate time and effort put into breeding as this variety will simply fascinate you with its easiness to grow, beautiful colors, and Ideal structure. This Sativa-dominant hybrid can reach up to 120cm and produce around 600gr/m2 without much maintenance, making it the perfect choice for growers of all levels who are looking for the strongest Sativa autoflowers in the market.

Strain Details

TasteSweet, Spicy, Lemon, Fruits
THCUp to 24%
CBD< 0.5%
Harvest EU Indoor450 – 600 gr/m2
Harvest US Indoor1.5 – 2 oz/ft2
Harvest EU Outdoor60 – 200 gr/plant
Harvest US Outdoor2 – 7 oz/plant
Height70 – 120 cm
Height US28 – 47 inches
Flowering9 – 10 weeks
GenesSativa 75%/Indica 25%
GeneticsAmnesia Zkittlez Auto