Auto Banana Blaze®

Auto Banana Blaze®

by Dutch Passion

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From the breeder:

Auto Banana Blaze, just like her photoperiod parent, has a wonderfully fruity and powerful aroma. The fragrance is best described as fruity, creamy and sweet. It closely resembles the aroma of a banana. Her taste is best when you smoke her buds in a joint (preferably pure, without tobacco). When vaping, the creamy/fruity banana flavor is slightly less pronounced.

This banana Indica is an autoflower with long, full buds. She usually grows in a beautiful Christmas tree structure. The strain is known for a thick, oily resin layer which sits on the flowers. This is a characteristic of the Indica genes. Be aware of this thick sticky layer of trichomes during harvesting/manicuring because everything will get coated with resin. The use of gloves is recommended. Don’t forget to collect that sticky layer of scissor hash every so often. This variety is a real pleasure to smoke!