Auto Brooklyn Sunrise®

Auto Brooklyn Sunrise®

by Dutch Passion

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From the breeder:

• Auto Brooklyn Sunrise is a fast and robust autoflower to grow. Great for both beginners and experts.• It is a hybrid USA autoflower with a fast flowering time of 10-11 weeks on average. In the right conditions, some phenotypes can be ready from seed to harvest in as little as 9 weeks.• Auto Brooklyn Sunrise ensures a high yield. Her THC-rich buds are bursting with resin and the excellent flower-to-leaf ratio makes the blooms easy to trim.• This auto has a pungent and strong diesel-dominant aroma and flavour. Her buds are of the very highest quality, not inferior to most photoperiod varieties.

Auto Brooklyn Sunrise is an autoflower with an intense aroma of earth, diesel and citrus fruit. In addition, some phenotypes also have very spicy, coffee notes. Towards the end of bloom it is wonderful to hang out in your grow room to enjoy the strong aromatic scent that comes from these plants. The buds have a favourable flower-to-leaf ratio and are full of trichomes and THC. Auto Brooklyn Sunrise® combines a distinctive spicy diesel flavour with large yields of top quality resinous cannabis.