Auto Bruce Lemon Diesel

Auto Bruce Lemon Diesel

by Dutch Passion

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From the breeder:

•    Auto Bruce Lemon Diesel produces big and chunky flowers, she is known to produce a solid yield. The buds have an amazing bag appeal and the frosty nugs can go as high as 20-25% THC in optimum conditions •    This is a strong and easy to grow autoflower strain. She is a real hybrid becoming compact to medium in size with relatively short internodes and massive flowers•    Auto Bruce Lemon Diesel has a strong and pungent fruity, Diesel dominant aroma and taste. She has sweet and sour tones of oranges, tangerines and limes making it a very complex terpene profile•    It’s the combination potency and yield that makes this an interesting strain for commercial growers. The fast seed to harvest time of around 11 weeks comes in handy as well. Expect a powerful high that can hit quite hard, its hybrid effect is long-lasting and very enjoyable!

Auto Bruce Lemon Diesel is a strong hybrid autoflower. This lady is one of our strongest autoflower strains so far with a delicious blend of powerful Diesel scented buds complemented by a sweet, fresh, citrus taste. This strain will surprise you with its incredibly pungent aroma that reeks like diesel, jet fuel and burnt rubber. Although the aroma is mostly diesel like, with chemical and sour tones, there are also fruitier phenotypes to be found. These plants have an excellent aroma too, with hints of citrus, lime and grapefruit. The taste of this variety is also quite fruity and sour, with mostly a citrus and tangerine taste on the inhale and a more spicy, piney, chemical taste on the exhale. Some phenotypes can smell sweet and sour at the same time, like grapefruit candy. It is hard not to like this! It’s truly a complex flavor profile suited for connoisseurs!