Auto Duck®

Auto Duck®

by Dutch Passion

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From the breeder:

• Auto Duck is a very robust and easy to grow autoflower, suitable for outside cultivation in any type of climate, in a greenhouse or indoors.• This original Dutch Passion autoflower is a special camouflaged cannabis plant with a webbed-shape leaf appearance that look completely different to traditional cannabis leaves.• Auto Duck is the autoflowering version of our award-winning Frisian Duck photoperiod variety. This robust autoflower is very strong and can even be grown outdoors in most northern areas.• She has an average life cycle of about 11-12 weeks indoors, this can be up to about 13 weeks outdoors. She has a subtle aroma with a complex terpene profile with earthy, floral and fruity notes.

Auto Duck is a special camouflaged cannabis variety with leaves that look very different from normal cannabis strains. It is also a plant with a less powerful aroma, which ensures that you can grow it safely in your garden without the neighbours immediately noticing. The buds have a cannabis scent of course, but this is usually far less pungent, penetrating and noticeable than other strains.