Auto Mazar®

Auto Mazar®

by Dutch Passion

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From the breeder:

Auto Mazar is an all-time favourite among our customers. This is a classic autoflower variety that grows and flowers best under 20 hours of daily light and produces very potent weed that is certainly not inferior to a quality photoperiod strain. We have had this autoflower in our collection for over a decade and it is one of the founders of the autoflower revolution which has unfolded over the last 10 years. In terms of smell and taste, this strain comes close to a traditional Afghan hashish strain with earthy and spicy Kush notes accompanied by a more fruity citrus scent with a strong lime / lemon aroma. The taste is comparable to the fragrance - earthy, Kush and lemon. A little bit pungent and sometimes slightly pine-like, as with a Haze variety. Auto Mazar has potent buds with a powerful relaxed high that will let you enjoy the moment immensely and bring you a relaxed vibe.

Many home growers love our Auto Mazar for its ease of cultivation and the fact that this stable robust plant grows vigorously in a variety of growing conditions. This is an autoflower variety that has proven itself consistently, both indoors and outdoors. We recommend Auto Mazar for both first time growers and inexperienced autoflower growers. This strain does well indoors under 20 hours of daily light in any type of growing system whether in soil, coco or hydro. Over the years, we have seen many first-time cannabis growers achieve very good yields with our Auto Mazar. Without any experience it is possible to yield 50-100g of thick compact buds with this lady. It's a forgiving variety that copes well with minor beginner mistakes.