Auto Power Plant®

Auto Power Plant®

by Dutch Passion

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From the breeder:

• Auto Power Plant is a large autoflower with a very heavy yield and high potency, a new autoflower based on one of the legendary 'old-school' cannabis varieties• It is a vigorous Sativa-dominant autoflower strain with strong branches and heavy flowers. The buds are very sticky and have a high THC content• Auto Power Plant has a complex and layered terpene profile. The aroma is mainly earthy, spicy and floral. The taste is earthy, sweet and with a spicy pine-like flavor in the background• If you are a lover of classic Sativas with a big yield and a pleasant and energetic up-high, this autoflower is exactly what you are looking for!

Auto Power Plant has a pungent aroma with largely earthy, spicy and floral notes. This scent is accompanied by more subtle sweet and fruity terpenes that give the buds a very interesting profile. Many smokers also recognise the smell of vanilla and lilac. Overall, a complex and layered terpene profile.