Auto Think Big®

Auto Think Big®

by Dutch Passion

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From the breeder:

• Auto Think Big is a bushy and compact autoflower with a large central main bloom and many thick side blooms, the size of the plant is usually small to medium but the yield is very high• This Dutch Passion auto is easy to grow and suitable for both the novice grower and the expert. Ideal for grow rooms with limited height• Auto Think Big produces large continuous blooms with a favourable flower-to-leaf ratio. She is easy to manicure and the buds are very resinous and potent• This variety takes about 13-14 weeks from autoflower seed to harvest. Give her enough light, attention and time and she will reward you with a bountiful harvest!

Auto Think Big is a unique autoflower that originated from our world-famous Auto Think Different. It will therefore not surprise you that in terms of terpenes, this strain shows similarities with our Auto Think Different. Although some Auto Think Big phenotypes may have a similar terpene profile, she is usually slightly different in smell and taste to her parent. In general, Auto Think Big has a fruity, citrus-dominant aroma with mainly floral and sweet notes. She can also smell a bit creamy and pine-like. In terms of taste, she leans most towards citrus, lime and frankincense. When you smoke her in a joint or consume her with a vape, you will immediately taste her fruity sweet flavours. On both the inhale and exhale you can experience a strong citrus taste that reminds you of the zest of a lemon. All in all, a very diverse flavour profile that you just have to try once!