Auto Think Different

Auto Think Different

by Dutch Passion

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From the breeder:

• An autoflower which, since its introduction almost 10 years ago, is still the favourite among many home growers worldwide   • She has an excellent reputation for producing very high yields         • Suitable for cultivation in all systems, grow mediums and climates         • Easy to grow for beginners and in the hands of an expert she can deliver excellent results in just 10 - 11 weeks

Think Different is an autoflower seed variety based on AK420 genetics with a nice fresh and fruity taste profile. The buds may not have the same penetrating odour as a pure Kush or pure Haze, but they smell very subtle and balanced. A nice fruity aroma with notes of citrus fruit, mint, pine and sweetness. Wonderful to smoke! These cannabis seeds produce autoflower plants with a high THC content and a strong high, even for the most experienced smokers.