CBD Auto Blackberry Kush®

CBD Auto Blackberry Kush®

by Dutch Passion

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From the breeder:

CBD Auto Blackberry Kush is an Indica dominant CBD-rich autoflower with a strong and pungent aroma. It is a unique blend of terpenes that can produce mainly earthy, fruity (berry) and sweet notes. Some phenotypes smell just a bit more like pine and citrus. Most of the plants smell very pungent with a fruity and earthy aroma with notes of blueberry, blackberry and raspberry.

In addition to the rich scent of dark berries, this Indica-dominant variety often produces plants with a deep purple and dark blue color. The taste is slightly more subtle than the smell and usually the more sweet fruity and earthy tones dominate. Enjoy growing this beautiful purple variety and the sweet, fruity Kush taste.