Cherry Cola Auto

Cherry Cola Auto

by Fastbuds

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From the breeder:

A superb hybrid autoflower with extremely flavorful terpenes. With exceptional 25% THC, Cherry Cola Auto is a strong autoflower that produces a rare smell of tropical berries with a sweet and fizzy background, giving it a notable cherry cola flavor that you might never find in other autos. This delicious strain offers a well-balanced effect that starts as a joyful sense of wellbeing that allows you to zone out and disconnect while keeping you relaxed and care-free throughout the whole day. Thanks to the top-notch genetics, this vigorous autoflower grows fast, reaching up to 150cm and yielding 500 - 600gr/m2 in just under 70 days. With exceptional flavors and extremely dense buds, it’s the ideal strain for those looking to take advantage of all the benefits of modern autoflowers.

Strain Details

TasteFruits, Coke, Cherry
THCUp to 25%
CBD< 1%
Harvest EU Indoor500 – 600 gr/m2
Harvest US Indoor1.6 – 2 oz/ft2
Harvest EU Outdoor50 – 250 gr/plant
Harvest US Outdoor2 – 9 oz/plant
Height90 – 150 cm
Height US35 – 59 inches
Flowering9 – 10 weeks
GenesSativa 45%/Indica 55%
GeneticsCherry Cola Auto