Gorilla Zkittlez Auto

Gorilla Zkittlez Auto

by Fastbuds

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From the breeder:

Taste real power with the exquisite Gorilla Zkittlez Auto. This genetic masterpiece is the perfect choice for avid consumers looking for a long-lasting effect. It’s a new-school hybrid that comes with a hard-to-describe terpene profile reminiscent of old-school flavors with a delicious fruity candy modern twist, offering the whole spectrum of effects that start as a strong joyful head high that boosts creativity before turning into a long-lasting body stone. With up to 25% THC, this Indica-dominant hybrid yields up to 550gr/m2 of extraordinarily resinous buds in just under 65 days, making it the perfect choice for extractors and hash makers looking for the most aggressive trichome producers in auto version.

Strain Details

TasteFruits, Spicy, Woody
THCUp to 25%
CBD< 1%
Harvest EU Indoor450 – 550 gr/m2
Harvest US Indoor1.5 – 1.8 oz/ft2
Harvest EU Outdoor50 – 200 gr/plant
Harvest US Outdoor2 – 7 oz/plant
Height70 – 110 cm
Height US24 – 43 inches
Flowering9 weeks
GenesSativa 30%/Indica 70%
GeneticsGorilla Zkittlez