Banana Blaze®

Banana Blaze®

by Dutch Passion

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From the breeder:

Banana Blaze is full of buds with a delicious aroma at harvest. Most plants have a sweet and fruity character, often with the aroma and taste of a banana. These are the tastiest and most delicious phenotypes! There are also phenotypes that have slightly more pine-like and floral notes. In general, the aroma profile can best be described as creamy, fruity and musky. A distinct warm, fruity and sensual mix of terpenes.

This banana Indica is an Indica dominant hybrid with thick, full buds. The flowers become very sticky at the beginning of the flowering phase when they are only producing white hairs. These large round bulbs eventually grow into large buds that will be quite heavy. Give her enough attention and love and she will reward you with a great yield!