CBD Charlotte’s Angel®

CBD Charlotte’s Angel®

by Dutch Passion

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From the breeder:

CBD Charlotte's Angel won her first prize right after her introduction in 2018 at the Highlife Cannabis Cup in the Netherlands, winning 1st prize in the CBD category. A year later she managed to get another 2 cups. She took 3rd prize at the Expogrow in Irun in 2019 and the same year she also came 2nd at the CBD Rich Cup in Spain. In total that’s 3 prizes from 3 different cups for this beautiful CBD rich strain!

CBD Charlotte’s Angel® is a sativa dominant CBD variety (averaging around 10% to 16% CBD) with a very low THC content, always below 1%. She has a very spicy aroma with strong diesel undertones and a mix of citrus and pine. Some phenotypes show a more earthy character with notes of blueberry and spice. The strain has a very pungent aroma which is strongly expressed during the grinding of the dried buds and during smoking. This is certainly not a dull or simple terpene profile! Most growers are pleasantly surprised by the smell and taste of this CBD strain. Unlike CBD-rich strains from other seed banks, our CBD Charlotte’s Angel really stands out, no wonder we have already won 3 cups within 2 years!