Mokum’s Tulip®

Mokum’s Tulip®

by Dutch Passion

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From the breeder:

Mokum's Tulip is a typical Gelato hybrid. Her aroma is pungent and best described as very sweet, creamy and fruity. This aroma and flavor explosion comes from a unique terpene profile that really makes the buds smell and taste like ice cream. Either forest fruit ice cream or more of a grapefruit / orange-like ice cream flavour. There is something for everyone. Those who like a true Gelato variety will certainly enjoy our Mokum's Tulip. This strain smokes and tastes exactly as it smells, very tasty!

Mokum’s Tulip grows fast and flowers quickly. In general, the plants develop sturdy and thick trunks/branches, which makes her extremely suitable for a SOG setup or for growing in the natural way. The compact and heavy buds are well supported by these thick branches. In the right conditions, phenotypes can be found that are ready in a maximum of 7-8 weeks. But in general we recommend a flowering time of between 56-63 days.