Passion Fruit®

Passion Fruit®

by Dutch Passion

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From the breeder:

Most dominant are the more sweet, citrus, sour and orange aromas. You can expect a unique grape flavour profile which is super tasty. If you want a delicious, rich and supremely powerful cannabis variety with genuine fruit-taste overload then you will love Passion Fruit feminised seeds!

Passion Fruit is a really vigorous hybrid variety which ensures buds of premium potency levels. THC levels can reach great heights if this variety is perfectly cared for. This variety is known to be quite resilient and forgiving. She will have very sticky buds so be aware if nurturing your plants during late flowering as you can literally become covered in sticky resin. Watch out if you brush your clothes against this aromatic fruity variety in late bloom - you will retain the powerful fruity scent of this potent feminised seed variety for quite some time!