Skywalker Haze®

Skywalker Haze®

by Dutch Passion

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From the breeder:

• Skywalker Haze is a very potent and 'frosty' Haze hybrid with a high yield and a high THC percentage averaging between 15-20%• This Sativa-dominant cannabis strain has a very potent and pungent terpene profile with mainly lemony haze tones. The buds look really beautiful, very compact and frosty!• Skywalker Haze is easy to grow compared to other traditional Haze varieties and has an average flowering time of 9-10 weeks before being ready for harvest• The Skywalker Haze high is energetic, euphoric, upbeat and relaxed. It is a powerful high with a strong head rush but also with relaxing body effects, very suitable for both recreational and medicinal users

Skywalker Haze has a very pungent and intense aroma! This Sativa dominant Haze hybrid has a powerful fruity aroma with notes of citrus and berries. Some phenotypes smell very strongly of lemon and herbs. Other phenotypes have slightly more earthy notes and the scent of blueberries. All in all, a very unique and diverse terpene profile. The taste is mainly on the citrus side of the spectrum, it is fresh, slightly sour and very fruity.