Strawberry Chemdawg OG

Strawberry Chemdawg OG

by Dutch Passion

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From the breeder:

Chemdawg is a world-famous cannabis variety well known for its pungent diesel like aroma. Her unique terpene profile has already ensured multiple cup wins across the globe. Strawberry OG consists of Bruce Banner and SFV OG genetics, both of these strains are really potent with a powerful effect. Using both of these high-quality parents made this a very interesting cross that is super dank and terpy.

Strawberry Chemdawg OG has buds that taste like a (straw)berry/lemon pie flavoured OG. Her aroma is also very pungent with hints of diesel, jet fuel, burnt rubber and forest fruit. A unique and interesting combination. Her flavour will stick to the back of your tongue with clear hints of diesel, citrus fruit and tropical fruit.