Think Fast®

Think Fast®

by Dutch Passion

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From the breeder:

• Think Fast is a unique fast flowering Sativa dominant hybrid. The autoflower genetics of our Auto Think Different and our classic photoperiod Power Plant are hybridised in this great crossing.• This is an easy to grow photoperiod cannabis plant, suitable for beginners and experts alike.• Think Fast is a stable, robust and tough indoor and outdoor variety. Her recessive autoflower genetics make her fast and powerful, suitable even for outdoor cultivation in moderate climates.• Think Fast has an average flowering time of 8 weeks and produces aromatic buds with a thick white resin coating - giving her great bag appeal!

Think Fast has a complex terpene profile that can produce a wide variety of scents and flavours. Ideal for the pheno-hunter who is looking for something special for his collection. As a result of crossing her 2 well-known parents, Auto Think Different and Power Plant, our Think Fast guarantees a tasty end result.