Big Bud Regular Seeds - 10

Big Bud Regular Seeds - 10

by Nirvana Seeds

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From the breeder:

Big Bud is one of the very oldest commercial cannabis strains but one that lacks nothing in terms of its quality. It becomes so laden with sticky buds that it will almost inevitably require support for its branches due to the weight of its buds. What a terrible problem to have!!

Big Bud is a predominantly indica plant growing to between 80 - 110 cm. and yielding between 500 - 600 gr/m2 of dense, sticky buds in 8 - 9 weeks flowering. It will grow equally successfully outdoors or in a greenhouse where it will be ready sometime during October north of the equator. In these environments it can grow into quite a monster of a plant especially if grown directly in the ground. Buds have a sweet, earthy, floral, Skunk-like scent and taste with an effect that is relaxing and long-lasting and ultimately quite sleep-inducing.

Strain Details

Breeder/BrandNirvana Seeds
Genetics(Afghan x Skunk) x Old School Big Bud
Pack Size10 Seeds
VarietyMostly Indica
Flowering TypePhotoperiod
THC ContentHigh (15-20%)
THC Content13 - 17%
CBD ContentLow (0-1%)
CBD Content<1%
YieldIndoors: 500gr - 600gr/m2
Plant Height80cm - 110cm
GrowsGreenhouse, Grows Indoors, Grows Outdoors
Max Flowering Time9 weeks
Flowering Time56 - 63 days
Harvest MonthOctober
Medical ConditionsInsomnia, Muscle Spasm
Medicinal PropertiesYes
Taste / FlavourEarthy, Flowery, Skunk, Sweet
EffectEuphoric, Relaxing, Sleepy