Blueberry Muffin Regular Seeds - 10

Blueberry Muffin Regular Seeds - 10

by Humboldt Seed Co.

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From the breeder:

Blueberry Muffin Regular is an indica-dominant hybrid seed which is bred from two F9 parents, Purple Panty Dropper (PPD) and Razzle Berry, giving great hybrid vigour. These regular seeds give rise to both male and female plants. The females produce plenty of resin and have a really short flowering time.

Blueberry Muffin can be grown successfully indoors and outdoors. Indoors plants will be ready for harvest in a mere 45 days after flowering begins. Outdoors growers can expect their crop to be ready for harvest in the last 2 weeks of September in the northern hemisphere. Plants are very consistent and uniform and growers can expect high yields of dense buds which are flecked with purple and coated in white resin crystals.

Strain Details

Breeder/BrandHumboldt Seed Co.
GeneticsPurple Panty Dropper x Razzle Berry
Pack Size10 Seeds
VarietyMostly Indica
Flowering TypePhotoperiod
THC ContentUnknown
CBD ContentUnknown
GrowsGrows Indoors, Grows Outdoors
Max Flowering Time7 weeks
Flowering Time45 days
Harvest Month2nd. half September
Taste / FlavourBlueberry, Cake, Spicy / Herbal
EffectEnergetic, Uplifting
AwardsEmerald Cup, N. California 2017, 6TH Place;