Purple Haze x Malawi Regular Seeds

Purple Haze x Malawi Regular Seeds

by Ace Seeds

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From the breeder:

Purple Haze has been improved by the addition of African Malawi genetics leading to increased hybrid vigour, bigger yields and improved potency. Despite the Malawi genetics it is still very Purple Haze dominant as is reflected in its appearance.

Purple Haze x Malawi is a high-THC F1 hybrid with high yield potential. It grows tall and slender with good, strong side-branches. It can thrive indoors but it will need loads of space and high light intensity to reach its potential and is best controlled in a SCROG system. Flowering will require patience as due to its heritage it will last for between 13 - 15 weeks. Outdoors this plant's favourite climate is tropical/sub-tropical but it can be grown as high as 43° of latitude with northern hemishere harvests being reay in November. Clearly locations with wet and/or cold autumns will be ruled out. Growers must ensure that only a moderate amount of nutrients, especially nitrigen, are supplied as it does not take kindly to being over-fed. It has great natural resistance to heat, cold and botrytis.

Strain Details

Breeder/BrandAce Seeds
GeneticsPurple Haze x Killer Malawi
Flowering TypePhotoperiod
THC ContentVery High (over 20%)
THC Content22%
CBD ContentLow (0-1%)
CBD Content0.2%
GrowsGrows Indoors, Grows Outdoors
Max Flowering Time15 weeks
Flowering Time91 - 105 days
Taste / FlavourBerry, Citrus, Spicy / Herbal, Woody
EffectCerebral, Long-lasting, Powerful, Stimulating